Köves 2016

The Decanter World Wine Awards is one of the biggest, most prestigious wine competitions in the world. In 2018 out of the 17 thousand wines that entered the competition four Hungarian items won Platinum medal. „Köves” is the first Hungarian dry white wine which was awarded 97 points out of 100.

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“The grape is a wonderful plant. It is able to survive hard times, giving relief, faith, joy, comfort, hilarity, – and “pardon me” – nice bemusement to the exhausted vine-grower. However, besides respecting traditions, new ambitions, better technology and oenophiles – so-called “wine-lovers” are needed to provide some subsistence. Yes, we need friends of wine who feel and understand the work, the compositions, since good wines are finely orchestrated work of art. Good wines are silent and sound clear just like a gregorian chant fondling the cryptic silence of the cellars.”

Figula Mihály (1952 – 2008)

Figula Testimonials

Fantastic vines with well-measured amount of information shared. Nice environment. Professionalism and family atmosphere at the same time.

Barta Tibor Bálint

My best wine experience to date in Hungary. I had come across some of Figula's wines in a few restaurants and wholesalers in Budapest. These wines are an accurate representation of the quality and terroir of the Balatonfured-Csopak area, and I wanted to go beyond the two bottles offered in Spar and restaurants. [...] Overall, was the loveliest experience we could have asked for. They went out of their way to accommodate and educate us; I cannot recommend highly enough to take the time during your Balaton trip to go pay Figula a visit. Thanks again, we look forward to seeing you soon.

Kerri Shaefker

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