Wine Tasting

We host significant number of people in our winery, which is outstanding in the region. We are happy to welcome guests at our winery for a thematic tasting: oenophils, wine lovers and those who want to know more about wines.

We have no opening hours, therefore you need to contact us to make an appointment, and to discuss what you want to see and taste during your visit, e.g. discussing the number of wines to be tasted and your interest.

Our tasting usually start with a tour around the winery, showing the applied technology, and then going on with tasting some wines. Cheese and fresh scones are served with the wines. For a meal we can serve cold plates, like: Cheese platter, Cold platter in Hungarian style.

If you are interested in a tasting, please contact us to make an appointment: (+36 30) 662 4332 or






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