The Figula Winery has been managing its winery in one of the oldest Hungarian historic wine regions of Balatonfelvidék (the upper regions of Balaton) since 1993. The work of many long years resulted in an enlarged estate and an improved winery that is managed on a territory of 30 hectares in the regions of Balatonfüred, Balatonszőlős and Pécsely.

Mihály Figula was awarded with the honourable title “Winemaker of the Year 2000” as acknowledgement of his work.



Sáfránkert, Száka, Lőcze, Gella: old names, which origins are unknown. The typical slopes of this wine region are formed from time to time based on tradition, experience and observation. There is not a single slope which is familiar to the other. Different soil structure, microclimate, water supply discribes these areas, which makes the wines diverse. Take a little time to get to know these slopes!


“The grape is a wonderful plant. It is able to survive hard times, giving relief, faith, joy, comfort, hilarity, – and “pardon me” – nice bemusement to the exhausted vine-grower. However, besides respecting traditions, new ambitions, better technology and oenophiles – so-called “wine-lovers” are needed to provide some subsistence. Yes, we need friends of wine who feel and understand the work, the compositions, since good wines are finely orchestrated work of art. Good wines are silent and sound clear just like a gregorian chant fondling the cryptic silence of the cellars.”


2017 | London, Decanter World Wine Awards – Öreghegy Olaszrizling 2015,  Cabernet Sauvignon Barrel Selection 2011 – 90 pont, silver medal
2017 | Bordeaux, Challenge International du Vin –7 hektár 2015 – Medaille d’OR,  Lőcze Olaszrizling 2015 – Medaille d’Argent
2017| Aranytőke Borszemle Sáfránkert Olaszrizling 2015, Száka Olaszrizling 2015 – gold medal
2017 | Paris, Vinalies Internationales – Sóskút Olaszrizling 2015 – Medaille d’OR
2017 | Germany, Mundus Vini – Barrique Chardonnay 2015 – aranyérem
2016 | Challange du Vin Bordeaux Figula Cabernet Sauvignon Barrel Selection 2011 and Figula Sáfránykert Welschriesling 2014 – medaille d’OR
2016 | Vinalies International Paris- Figula Szilénusz Cuvée 2012 and Figula Lukács Cuvée 2014 -silver medals
2015 | Gastro Winemaker of the Year, Mihály Figula (Best of Budapest)
2015 | Ministry of Foreign Affars , Carton Hungaricum Grand Superior, Figula Öreghegyi -Welschriesling’13
2014 | Gault&Millau- Figula Balatonszőlősi Öreghegy dűlő Barrel Selection 15 point
2013 | “Pannonia Golden Ring“-Mihály Figula
2013 | VinAgora International Wine Competition, Figula 7Ha 2011 and Figula Öreghegyi Cabernet Sauvignon Barrel Selection 2011, gold medal
2013 | Prague Wine Trophy -Figula Dörgicsei Cabernet Sauvignon 2011 Margya-dűlő Prague Wine Gold
2012 | Prestige Reserve awarded wines: Gella Sauvignon Blanc 2011, 7 Hectare 2011, “Blue Balaton” 2011 , Pécsely-Balatonszőlősi Cabernet Sauvignon Selection 2011, Dörgicsei Cabernet Sauvignon 2011 Margya-dűlő
2012 | Young Hungarian Winemaker of Year 2011, Mihaly Figula jnr.
2010 | Prestige Reserve awarded wine, Figula Sauvignon Blanc-Semillon 2007

2010 | Top White Wine of Pannon Wine Challenge, Figula – Szilénusz Cuvée 2007
2009 | Top White Wine of Pannon Wine Challenge
, Figula Muscat Lunel 2008
2005 | Challenge International Du Vin
– Figula Cabernet Sauvignon Rosé 2004- silver medal
2004 | Top Red Wine of Pannon Wine Challenge,Cabernet Sauvignon Selection 2003
2004 |
VinAgora International Wine Competition, Cabernet Sauvignon Selection 2003, silver medal]
2004 | Top Red Wine of Pannon Wine Challenge, Figula Cabernet Sauvignon Selection 2003
2002 | Montreal Wine Award, Figula Balatonszőlősi Sauvignon Blanc 2001, „Wine of Discoveries”
2004 | Szilénusz 2002 (Olaszrizling-Sauvignon Blanc Cuvée) in Paris and Bruxelles, silver medal
2003-2004 | Mihály Figula jnr. Wine-Grower of the Year
2002 | Bruxelles International Wine Competition, Pinot Gris 2001, silver medal
2000 | Mihály Figula † Winemaker of the Year award by the Hungarian Wine Academy
2000 | Sauvignon Blanc 1999, “big gold medal”
Welschriesling 1998 | gold medal
Welschriesling 1997 | gold medal
Welschriesling 1995 | „big gold medal”
Welschriesling 1991 | „big gold medal”
1992-1999 | National Welschriseling Wine Competition
1998 | VinAgora International Wine Competition, Semillon 1997, silver medal
1995, 1998 | Bruxelles International Wine Competition: Chardonnay 1995, bronze medal
1998 | Bruxelles International Wine Competiotion: Sauvignon Blanc 1998, silver medal
1996-1999 | Mihály Figula † Wine-Grower of the Year