From the „Papok borozója” in Balatonszőlős there’s a perfect view for the Barát szőlő slope. The biggest contiguous vineyard the winery has. Pinot gris, Sauvignon blanc, Chardonnay and Muscat Lunel can be found in this vineyard. The family planted it in 2000, our 7 hectare cuvée is made from these grapes.


If you are leaving Balatonszőlős and heading to Tótvázsony, on the right side you can see slope Bordoma. From the plantations there we are making Cabernet Sauvignon and Zenit for many years, but since last year we have Cabernet franc and Bluefrankisch also.


Heading to Tótvázsony the eastern slope is Gella. From its southern slopes there is a perfect view for the lake Balaton. The distance from the lake is 5 kilometers. The plantation is from 1973, the soil is very diverse. The topsoil is very rich in limestone. The microclimate is special. In this vineyard we are growing Welschriesling and Sauvignon blanc. Since last year we also have Merlot and Furmint, which is a tipical hungarian grape variety.


The distance from the lake is about 5 kilometers. This area is rocky, the borderline quarrys follow each other, grapes can be found between them. The result is a very rich, mineralic wine. We grow Welschriesling and Cabernet Sauvignon here.


A slope from Csopak, a village 5 km from Balatonfüred. The distance from Balaton is just 800 meters, and because of its downhill, it gets twice as much sunlight than the areas in higher slopes. In addition there is the thermal radiaton, because around June the lake Balaton can reach 25 °C.The red soil thanks to its dark color accumulates the heat and heats the grapes from underneath. Our red wine cellar is built from this red permic sandstone. It’s on of the most reliable slope, almost every year we are able to make a Riesling selection from here.


Heading to Tótvázsony, the western slope is Sóskút. It’s directly under a lime pit, the soil is very rich in minerals and limestone. Besides the vine and almond no other plant can survive in this rocky soil. With its 4 hectare, this is biggest Welschriesling plantation the winery has.


As we leave Balatonfüred and heading to Balatonszőlős, the first vineyard on the right side is the Száka slope. A young, 7 years old plantation.

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